Current Events/Issues Resources                  
*I've had some really great questions in class regarding the current government shutdown.  Students, I encourage you to search out the answers to those questions.  These resources should help answer some questions, specifically in regard to government, the Constitution, the role and responsibility of different branches, and political parties.  *NOTE: I carefully chose resources that are not partial to one political party or the other.
These links show control by political party in the
House of Representatives and the Senate.

Fact Checking Sites (Because there
is lots of made-up stuff posted on the internet)
The sites have mulitple articles to answer questions.
House of Representatives, 1779-2019 PolitiFACT: Truth-O-Meter
Senate Party Breakdown Media Bias/ Fact Check
  Political Bias in Media Database
Guided Study Resources                 
Current Events Reading Capsule Links
Channel One News DOGO News
CNN10 Student News Newsela
Fox61 Student News Smithsonian Tween Tribune
PBS News Hour Extra Spell Zone
Student News Daily Teen Ink